films of '19


- the favourite: just excellent. amazing trio of women. olivia's queen anne was especially someone i felt all kinds of emotion for. so funny. so tightly well made. the scene between emma stone and her boy fight-flirting in the trees was exhilarating and fun. so so good.


- on the basis of sex: why is felicity jones so compelling to watch? good generic watch i guess.


- can you ever forgive me?: meh.? overrated?

- widows: enjoyed it. satisfying ending.


- burning: enjoyed it, if not a little over-long and a little too resolved. ambiguity everywhere, gratuitous boobs and masturbation scenes, but steven yeun has never looked so good.


- avengers: endgame: could've been 30 mins shorter (cut the boring first 30mins), why is the new zen hulk still so hot, cannot believe people cry at comic book movies, excellent comic turn for chris hemsworth/ thor and wow it was cool/fun to see some of the cameo-esque bit stars

- long shot: reviews were good, so i had expected more. charlize sure is conventionally beautiful but almost mean looking, very very thin, and yeah the ending and the usual romcom grand gesture trope was um urg

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